Himalayan High Adventures has been safely guiding adventurers throughout the Himalayas since 2001. Our company is dedicated to designing and executing adventure trips that consistently exceed client expectations. A highly qualified team arranges necessary travel, safety-checks gear, prepares equipment, and schedules any other logistic support necessary to create a safe and successful adventure. Our goal is to provide adventure experiences that consistently meet the highest customer expectations and the prevailing safety standards within the mountaineering community.

Our Belief

Adventurers challenge personal limitations in order to enjoy the rugged, raw wonders of the world. They universally acknowledge that the reward is much greater than an awe-inspiring view. Persevering through tests of physical strength, mental toughness, and emotional endurance in achieving your personal goals leads to monumental feelings of self-confidence, fulfillment, and self-realization.

Achieve Your Adventure Goals in Comfort and Safety

We can help you fulfill your adventure dreams of traveling to the most surreal landscapes on the planet while advancing your mountaineering skills and coaching you through self-imposed limitations. Through environmental awareness and outdoor safety practices, we will help you understand how to take necessary risks in order to summit your personal goals.

We offer a variety of adventure options, depending on your experience and personal goals. A holiday in the Himalayas with the comfort of modern amenities may be a wise first-time experience in this rugged wilderness. We also provide overnight tent accommodations and appetizing meals during a variety of multi-day trek options for those seeking moderate exploration.

Those with more experience and climbing ambitions may choose from an impressive selection of mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas and other notorious mountain ranges around the world. Our expert trip leaders are waiting to assist you in planning the adventure of your dreams. They can help you create an experience that will meet your personal goals while adding a dash of challenge and a heap of enjoyment.