Bagini Glacier & Changbang Base Camp Trek

Bagini Glacier is a hidden gem waiting for adventurers. It is located in Garwhal Himalayas, a series of gorgeous mountain ranges divided into two regions: Kumaon and Garhwal. It stands at about 14,816 feet, providing a spectacular view of the alpine flowers, snow-capped mountains, and the beautiful old community.

The Bagini Glacier and Changbang Base Camp Trek is an eight-day hike inclusive of serene atmosphere, crystal clear waters, and awe-inspiring rare species of alpine plants. The difficulty level of trekking this trail is moderate and will allow both beginner and professional to quench their thirst for adventure.

Location of Bagini Glacier

Trekking this great 27-mile trail is worth the effort. You will be able to experience the captivating, untouched beauty of nature along the Bagini Glacier. From above, you will see the peaks of Dunagiri, Kalanka, and Changbang covered by snow that makes for a quite spectacular photograph. Bagini glacier located at 14.816 feet, near joshimath twon of  Chamoli district of Uttrakhand.

Best Time to Trek Bagini Glacier

The best time to travel to Bagini Glacier is from April to June when it is summer time, or in September to October when it is autumn. Coming to this place during the summer will make you feel refreshed, and the warm welcome of nature will put a smile on your face. That’s because the weather remains pleasing even during the summer.

Bagini Glacier Trek Itinerary :


Day 01 - Haridwar to Joshimath

The first leg in this trek is Haridwar to Joshimath, which will take about 250 kilometers to travel by road. From this starting point, you will see the beautiful sights of Karanprayag, Devprayag, and Ganges.

Then, upon arriving at Joshimath, the principal community of Bagini Glacier, you will have the opportunity to meet the rest of the hikers. The place is famous for its temples and known as Joyter math by the legendary Adi Shankara. An introductory session will also commence headed by the trek leader.


Day 02 - Joshimath Going to Jumma Village

On the second day, the travel to the Jumma Village will begin. The trail goes through villages and regions filled with forest and glaciers. Traveling from Joshimath to Jumma takes about 44 kilometers that is equivalent to a 2-hour drive.

The village is sitting on the Tibetan border, which is famous for its fierce wind. The trek will start after you’ve successfully crossed the river by a bridge made of steel. Once in the area, you can begin the trek and camping.


Day 03 - Jumma Village Going to Dronagiri Village

Maple and Birch steep goes all the way to Dronagiri village, the second stop of the Bagini Glacier & Changbang Base Camp Trek. It is a landslide area, which makes the hike more thrilling than ever. From this trail, you will get a full view of the magnificent Hathi and Ghori Parvat or the Elephant Mountain and Mare Mountain.

This trek is 8 kilometers long and will take about 5 to 6 hours of hike. The campsite also has a good satellite signal that can let travelers contact their families by phone.


Day 04 - Dronagiri Village Going to Base Camp

On the fourth day, you are expected to arrive at the Base Camp. This place is 6 kilometers away from the Dronagiri village and has a mesmerizing view of Rishi peak.

Day 05 - Base Camp Going to Bagini Glacier

If you think you’ve seen the best, wait until you arrive at the Bagini Glacier. Hiking the trail to Bagini will let you experience the heavenly glimpse of mountains covered in snow, and the incredible peaks of Trishuli, Kalanka, and Changbang. Your eyes will surely feast on the beautiful scenery.

Day 06 - Base Camp Going to Ruing Village

The sixth day of the trek is an interesting one. After coming from a 14 kilometer hike from the Base Camp, you’re going to enjoy the relaxing night camping.

Day 07 - Ruing Village Going to Jumma and Joshimath

At this point, you are just hours away from reaching Jumma and Joshimath. You’ve trekked for approximately 90 kilometers in total. The seventh day of your hike should be spent on relaxing your body and mind.

Day 08 - Joshimath Going to Haridwar

The eight-day of your adventure marks the end of your trek. After traveling from Ruing village to Joshimath, now you are ready to go back to Haridwar. With all the photos snapped and memories made, the Bagini Glacier trek is undoubtedly an unforgettable one.

What to Bring to the Trek

First things first. Plan your transportation from Haridwar to Joshimath and vice versa. Qualified trek leaders and guides also implement charges that you might want to check.

The primary activities you will experience is trekking and camping, so it is imperative that you bring food and a tent to sleep in. But, there are also available guesthouses in some locations.

Other things you need to consider are linked to your safety. Don’t forget to carry first aid medical kits or even an oxygen cylinder in case of emergency during the hike.

Here are some recommended things you should carry:

  • At least two pairs of cotton socks
  • A windproof jacket
  • A fleece
  • Track pants
  • Waterproof hand gloves
  • At least two pairs of woolen socks
  • Water bottles
  • Sun cap and sunglasses
  • Sun protection cream
  • Head torch and batteries

Advisory Before Coming to Bagini Glacier

Before subscribing to the trek, consult your physician if you are medically fit for the hike. Health should be your priority to enjoy the adventure.

Bagini Glacier is an astonishing place that is open to all tourists. However, specific rules and regulations must be followed to preserve its magnificence.

The first thing you have to remember is never to bring any non-biodegradable materials. These include all plastic products, bags or water bottles. These items pile up and ruin the environment when left behind.

It is also crucial that you pay close attention to the trek guide or leader who knows the rules of the trek and the way to the Bagini Glacier.

Lastly, it is also advised not to consume alcohol or other intoxicating drinks hours before the trek. Bringing alcoholic beverages is also strictly prohibited.

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