Your contract is with Himalayan high adventures

Please read our terms and conditions of booking agreement which have been listed below. A legally binding contract is made when you make the booking and upon our acceptance. You are deemed to accept our terms and conditions when you fill in our booking form either manually or online. Upon filling the booking form, we assume that you have read important trip information as well as general information concerning the trip. The information you have given in booking form is deemed to be correct and complete. This contract, therefore, abides by the terms of these booking conditions.

1. How to Book

For you to get a reservation on any trip planned by Himalayan high adventures, you have to complete the following steps

A) You are required to fill and sign the booking form and send a scanned copy to our office via email, fax, courier or post

B) You should make a 50% deposit of the total trip price to show your commitment

2. Payments

The quoted prices are payable in Joshimath, and one can pay by cash, wire transfer, draft, money order or cheque. The tour price should be paid to Himalayan high adventures few days before the departure. In some special trips, we extend the booking time to up to two months before the trip day. Himalayan high adventures are entitled to cancel the booking of those who fail to pay on time without notice and without refunding the deposit. All prices shown are in Indian National Rupees or United State dollars.

3. Package prices

The cost that is quoted in various trips is the entire package cost while the trip quote lists the inclusions and exclusions of trip cost. Package prices include airfares, exchange rates, and ground costs. Himalayan high adventures always work against increasing the tour prices. However, the prices some time goes high due to forces beyond their control. We may amend tour prices in part or in full at any time without prior notice. Amendments may be triggered by various reasons which include, fluctuations of the exchange rate, increase in the cost of fuel, changes in airports among others. Paying the increased tour prices before departure date is mandatory.

4. Health and Fitness requirements

Our clients are required to be in perfect health and good physical condition. However, those with medical issues are supposed to notify us their conditions before departure time for arrangements as we mostly make tours in remote areas where there is minimal access to medical facilities. However, the participant with the medical issue will incur the cost of such arrangements.

5. Tour leader authority

When you sign our trip booking form, you are deemed to have agreed to submit to the authority and directions of the tour leader who represents Himalayan high adventures. The tour leader decision and direction is final and should be followed. The tour leader may discontinue you from the trip if he believes that your behavior is detrimental to the safety and well-being of the group. However, if you are discontinued under this condition, you are entitled to a refund for unused services.

Cancellation :

You must notify Himalayan High Adventures in writing immediately if you become aware that you need to cancel your trip. Cancellation will take effect as soon as we receive this notice. Depending on when you cancel your trip the following charges may apply.

  • If you cancel more than 45 days bbefore departure then your full deposit will be returned with the exception of a 5% processing fee. For outbound trips you will need to cancel 60 days before departure for this policy to apply.
  • 50% of the cost of the trip will be forfeited if cancellation takes place 45 – 30 days before the trip takes place and 60 – 30 days for outbound trips.
  • If you need to cancel less than 30 days before departure then you will not receive any of your money back.
  • There is a minimum processing charge that wil apply to some trips so we advise checking this before booking. The price that you pay for the tour includes every part of the package and no refunds will be given for any service that you choose not to use. We recommend that you take out your own cancellation insurance so that you have extra cover if you are forced to cancel. If you are able to get someone to take your place on the trip then we would not charge any cancellation fees but the 5% processing fee would still be payable.

Delay, Cancellation or Change of Itinerary

If the trip is cancelled by Himalayan High Adventures due to low number of participants then you will receive a full refund. You will not be eligible for any other claims of compensation related to this cancellation. In most cases we will try to offer an alternative trip rather than cancelling altogether. If you are offered an alternative trip then you will not automatically be eligible for a refund. However, you can cancel in accordance with our normal policy but depending on the length of time remaining before your trip you may not be entitled to a full refund.

Force Majeure

There are certain occasions that may cause Himalayan High Adventures to cancel the trip where you will not be entitled to any refund. This will include when the trip has to be cancelled due to war, acts of terrorism, industrial disputes, adverse weather conditions or natural disasters.

Travel & Cancellation Insurance

We always recommend that you take out your own travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. You should ensure that the terms of the insurance cover you in case you have to cancel the trip at the last minute. Travel insurance is also essential to make sure that you will not have to pay your own medical bills if you have an accident abroad. We will not check your travel insurance and so it is your responsibility to ensure that you are properly covered. We accept no responsibility for luggage that is lost or stolen.