Kagbhusandi Tal Trek is one of the most famous destinations and trekking sites in India, primarily because of its elevation. Towering 5,090 m above sea level, this location is found in the Gharwal Himalayas region.

The location also gives you a stunning view of the Kagbhusandi Lake, which looks like an emerald green triangle. A mix of legend and history makes for an interesting story behind this lake. It is believed that the lake got its name from crows that died in this region. True enough, “kag” is the Sanskrit word for crow.

But what tourists like the most about Kagbhusandi is its wonderful blend of colors, thanks to the shining waters of the lake and the bright flowers that grow around it. The site is indeed perfect for nature lovers and photographers.

Destination Highlights

Aside from the breathtaking scenery, the trekking site offers the following must-see highlights:

  • Kunkul Khal Pass – You will see Kunkul Pass along the lake. Kunkul Pass, which is 4,630 m above sea level, is the gateway towards the majestic lake. It is a little difficult to gauge the pass, though, because the trail could be confusing to beginners.
  • Neelkanth, Hathi, Chaukhamba, and Narayan Peaks – Despite the challenging trail along Kunkul Pass, you will find consolation from the major peaks of the Himalayas. These snow-covered peaks add to the stunning view of the Kagbhusandi Trail. During sunrise, the peaks also look golden amidst the snow and the azure sky – a picturesque scene above the lake.
  • Valley of Flowers – The Valley of Flowers is a national park in the West Himalayas. As the name suggests, the valley features various types of flowers that grow in high altitudes. During spring and summer, the flowers turn pink, magenta, and lavender.
  • Kag and Garur Rocks – Kag and Garur are mounted rocks in the region. Garur means eagle in English, which is probably taken from the legends that surround the region. Locals believe that the eagle is having a discussion with the crow, but of course, these are just natural formations of rocks.

Location of Kagbhusandi Tal

Situated in the Badrinath region, Kagbhusandi can be reached in two ways. One is through the Ghangaria route, which is near Bhyundar Village, and the other is through Vishnu Prayag.

You can also reach the location by taking a plane from the Jolly Grant Airport and taking a bus or taxi to Ghangaria. Upon reaching the region, you can begin trekking to the lake.

Best Time To Visit Kagbhusandi Lake

The best time to trek Kagbhusandi is between September and October, and July and May. During this time, the flowers are in full bloom and the climate is not too cold or too hot. The trail is challenging, but the climate makes up for it.

Kagbhusandi Lake Trek Itinerary :


Day 01 - Govind Ghat

Govind Ghat is located in Uttarakhand. This serves as the starting point of your trek and is also the base camp for trekkers. To reach Govind Ghat, you can take the Rishikesh train near the Jolly Grant Airport. There are also local guides whom you can consult in the site.

Day 02 - Bhyundar Village to Roop Dhungi

Take your breakfast at Govind Ghat and start the trek to Bhyundar Village. This village is the actual starting point of the trail to Kagbhusandi. However, the Byundar Village trek is a 12-kilometer stretch, with gradual ascent during the first hour of the trek. Newbies won’t find this trail too difficult, though, especially once they have passed the steep areas. You can also catch views of glaciers, rivers, and rocks on your way to Roop Dhungi. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes as you will be walking on boulders and treading through dense, bear-infested forests.

Day 03 - Roop Dhungi to Rajkharak

Brace yourself for a 14-kilometer trek. The trail is full of beautiful sceneries, and the trek consists of short visits to Kargil, Simartoli, Dang Khark, Bankbara, and other nearby areas. You can stop over these campsites for a short rest, or briefly watch shepherds and the animals grazing the pasture.

Day 04 - Rajkharak to Kagbhusandi Via Kunkun Khal Pass

You will be walking 8 kilometers from Rajkharak to reach the gorgeous Kagbhusandi Lake. The trail consists of lush meadows, an expanse of a green valley, and huge boulders. You will likewise see bears, snow-capped mountain peaks, and the valley of flowers.
The lake itself is a sight to behold. Considered sacred by Indians and Himalayans, Kagbhusandi Lake runs for 500 meters in the high altitude. The emerald waters are clear and refreshing.

Day 05 - Kagbhusandi to Gounchha Udiyar

The panoramic view does not end in Kagbhusandi Lake; the green meadows and thick forests are a treat for nature lovers. Here, you’ll see tribal villagers in their best element, living their peaceful nomadic life. You can even have a small chat with them as you gather your strength. The place is also perfect for picture-taking because of the beauty of nature. Kagbhusandi shows the grandeur of the Himalayas, whether this is captured in the morning light, beneath indigo skies.

Day 06 - Painka to Govind ghat

From Gounchha Udiyar, you’ll walk towards Painka and head to Govind Ghat. The entire trek is a total of 17 kilometers. There are narrow and rocky paths along a village in Garhwal Himalaya, plus a clear stream from the Barnal Mountains. You can stay here overnight before you take the trail back to Rishikesh.

Day 07 - Govind ghat to Rishikesh

Eat a hearty breakfast and prepare for the trek back to Rishikesh. If you’re too tired to walk, you can take a vehicle instead. Lunch will mostly be available at Rishikesh. This is the end of the Kagbhusandi Trek, so you can discuss with your group the highlights of the journey.
The Kagbhusandi Trek is an unforgettable experience for both local and foreign tourists. Although the trek takes a week, and would likely exhaust the newbie traveler, the effort and time is worth it. Get your plane ticket to Rishikesh now and book your trek.

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