Enjoy the Views on the Rishikund Trek

Perhaps one of the most beautiful alpine locations in the world, Rishi Kund with the Sajdhar Top is breathtaking to view. Located in the Trek View Point within the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, this Indian location features beautiful snow peaks that stretch both far and wide throughout the national park. The Rishikund Trek is already noted as one of the most spectacular places within Uttarakhand, and with the elevation between 1800 to 4370 m, the Rishikund Trek is sure to get the heart pumping.

The Extraordinary Views

Trekkers everywhere have spent their time along these illustrious peaks of the Nanda Devi. In fact, the various peaks along the national park feature gorgeous and breathtaking views that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Some of the other peaks include places like Nandaghunti, Dornagiri, Trishul, BetharToli, and Devsthan, though there are many other notable names in the lineup. The best times to see these incredible views is during the peak hiking seasons between April and May as well as September, October, and November. The fall months provide a crisp air feel, and there is little to no haze in the air from humidity.

Taking a Trek

If you want to take a trek in this area, here is a little more information about one of the notable trek to visit. Located in Garhwal Himalayas Uttarakhand, this trail has a maximum altitude of 4,300 meters. The entire trek requires walking along 30 km of land, and while the trail is in the easy to moderate range, the entire trail takes six days (Joshimath to Joshimath) to walk. The best seasons to hit this trail is between March and December, though the best months to hit the trail are March, April, October, and November. The trail is well defined, and by taking the tour guide, you get five nights stay in a tent along the trek.

If you plan to take the Rishikund Trek, here is a sample itinerary that lines out the day by day activities and portions of the walking trail.


Day 01

Driving the 8-9 hour journey from Haridwar to Joshimath

Day 02

Traveling via Suraithota from Joshimath to Bhallagaon. Then, the trekking begins with a five-hour walk until reaching Kurala Camp where the camp is made for the night.

Day 03

A four hour, 5 km trek from Kurala Camp to the Kantala Camp for the night.

Day 04

A 5 hour, 6 km trek from Kanthela Camp to Rishikund for the night.

Day 05

Taking exploration of both Rishikund and the Sajdhar Top before heading back to Kantala Camp for the night

Day 06

Making the trek from Kanthela Camp to Suraithota, which is 11 km. Then drove 5 hours back to Joshimath

Day 07

Traveling from Joshimath back to Haridwar

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