Area: Garhwal Himalayan Region
Altitude: approximately 15,100 ft.
Grade: Moderate to tough
Best time to visit: Mid May to October

Satopanth Lake Trek

Satopanth Lake, also known as the “Green Lake of Divinity,” is one of India’s highlighted places. It is a secluded place that lies above the holy city of Badrinath. The triangular shaped lake has a perimeter of one kilometer.

The holy lake is of ancient importance since it is said that the three corners represent the three deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It is also believed that on the holy day of Edakashi, Lord Vishnu took a bath in the lake.

Legend also states that during the Mahabharata war, this was the place where the last walk of the Pandavas and Darupadi happened. All lost their lives en route to the lake except for one of the eldest Yudshikir that climbed up the Swargarohi Mountain beside the lake. Many pilgrims go over and devote their time on the holy lake.

The journey towards the Satopanth Lake trek is long and difficult. But despite all the hardships, weariness will be gone with the alluring views which can be seen while on the trek. Starting off in the village of Mana 3 kms away from Badrinath, you can see a natural rock bridge called Bhima Pul. Lots of wonders will be seen as you head towards your destination.

The trek will be worthwhile after seeing and being captivated by the breath-taking view of this triangular shaped lake’s crystal clear green waters. Majestic views of the star-studded sky will be seen as you camp in the lake’s vicinity.

Satopanth Lake Trek Highlights

  • View the captivating sight of Lake Satopanth’s triangular shaped, one-kilometer pristine waters and having a camp in its vicinity.
  • The trek will start with a walk through the last village of India called “Mana,” which is near Badrinath. Another one would be on the natural rock bridge named Bhima Pul.
  • Witness the spectacular 400ft Vasudhara and the grand Sahasradhara waterfalls.
  • See the glorious snowcapped views of Chaukhamba, Nilkantha and Swargarohini peaks.
  • Watch the eye-catching rivers of Alaknanda and Vishnupadi Ganga.

Where Is Satopanth Lake?

Satopanth Lake is a breath-taking scenery found in Uttarakhand, India. It is situated 22 km. above the ancient place of Badrinath. The trek would take about 18 km if the starting point is Mana village.

When is the best time to visit Satopanth Lake?

The best time to travel Satopanth lake is mid-May and September-October.

Mid-May – June ( summer time) – This time is perfect to see the clear blue skies along with the grand view of the far-flung snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas.

September – October ( post-monsoon) – At this time, the pleasant weather shows the beautiful blooms and lush green vegetation that comes out after the monsoon.

Monsoon season – This time would be a good one for trekkers who want to feel the thrill of hiking. The lush green surrounding can be inviting as you walk on the trail. The trek would be worth it as you look at the scenic views. But, there are chances that roadblocks would be present at any moment.

These months have pleasant weather, which is good for the trek. Clear skies can help while having a good view of the breath-taking places. The given months are perfect since it will give you the best of those glorious views.

Is there a level of fitness required For Satopanth Lake trek?

The trek is approximately 40 km long so it is advised that before you start the trek, you must have a good fitness level. Since the level of difficulty is moderate – tough, you must be ready mentally and physically to conquer the heights of the trail. Start having a habit of exercising and walking.

Satopanth Lake Trek Itinerary:


Day 01 - Haridwar to Joshimath (250 kilometers / 8-9 hours)

This time, you will meet your guide who will take you for a ride going to Josimath through Rudraprayag and Devprayag. On the way, you can see the Devprayag, a place where the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda River merge. In the evening, upon arrival at Josimath, you will checked, have arrangements for dinner and spend the night in the hotel.

Day 02 - Joshimath to Badrinath (45 kilometers / 2hours)

Today, from Josimath, you will have a drive going to Badrinath. Sight-seeing and exploring can be done once you reach the ancient glorious city. You will have an overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 03 - Badrinath to Laxmi Van (8 kilometers / 4 to 5 hours)

In the morning, after breakfast, you will drive going to the village of Mana. At this point, the trek will start in the direction of the Laxmi Van just beside the Vasundhara falls. Laxmi Van is a beautiful campsite surrounded by the captivating sight of the Alkapuri Glacier located on the other side. You will have an overnight stay in a pitched tent.

Day 04 - Laxmi Van To Chakrateerth (10 kilometers / 7 hours Approx.)

The trek will be going towards Chakrateerth. You will go up and continue the trail along the spectacular waterfall known as Sahasradhara, which means ‘Thousand Waterfalls’. Then, you will go ahead and walk over the boulders. You will spend another night in a tent.

Day 05 - Chakrateerth To Satopanth Lake To Chakrateerth (12 kilometers / 8 hours approx.)

In the morning, you will go up the on top of the ridge. At this point, you’ll hike along the glaciers to reach Satopanth Lake. After staying, resting and exploring the beauty of the lake you will head back to Chakrateerth. You will trek further downward to Laxmi Van which is reasonably easy, but still needs caution. You will still have an overnight stay in the tent.

Day 06 - Laxmi Van to Badrinath to Joshimath

Today, you will trek going down to the village of Mana, which will take approximately 3 hours. After reaching the village, you will take a ride and head to Joshimath. After reaching Joshimath, you will check in and spend the night in a hotel.

Day 07 - Joshimath to Haridwar

Today, after breakfast, you will be driven to Haridwar via Rishikesh and Devprayag. Upon arrival in Haridwar, you will go to a railway station and go onboard an AC train heading to Delhi.

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